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30Gigs.com started off with the idea of creating a “All in one” site for the webmaster and avid computer users. Combining personal file storage, GD2 signatures and anonymous email all in one service, which would be free. Our main goal is to provide as much space as possible for today’s webmail users where tons of storage space is needed. 30Gigs.com is still in a very heavy beta, and if you are a member, please help us to make it the best mail server there is. We want to be able to offer a section for personal file storage (up to 30 gigs) and a GD2 signature maker to keep your email safe from spam robots. We also offer a unique feature, which allows you to send a email from any address you want. This is very useful if you have multiple accounts linked to your 30Gigs.com account, and want to send a email from [email protected] so you don’t confuse the sender. Any further information can be addressed to [email protected]
Management Information:
President & CEO – Patrick Thona
Patrick Thona is the President of Thona Network (ThonaNetwork.com). He was involved in the online marketing industry for years. Just before he developed Thona Network, he spent almost 2 years at Spark Networks (formerly MatchNet plc), one of the leading online dating sites. Patrick founded Thona Network in Nov. 2004. Currently, Thona Network operates various websites in addition to being heavily involved in online marketing industry. Thona Network initially funded 30gigs.com project and was a minority owner of 30gigs.com. Thona Network now owns 100% of 30gigs.com.

“I see huge potential in 30gigs.com. We are currently getting over two thousands users daily, and spend very little in marketing cost. Recently, we have upgraded servers into a more robust and sophisticated network. We are here to stay, and we’re looking forward to provide service to our users for a long time.”

Chief Operating Officer – Maya Thona, BS, MBA, PhD.

Chief Technology Officer – George Daswani & Ajay Sharma

Investment Opportunities:
30gigs.com has over 200,000 users in less than 120 days of being online with very little marketing expense. Currently, 30gigs.com gets 2,000 to 4,000 new users daily. 30gigs.com can easily reach 10,000 to 50,000 new users per day with the right partner(s). If you are interested in helping 30gigs.com reach 50 million users in 1 – 2 years, please contact us to discuss partnership opportunities.

Contact Information:
Thona Network
Attn: 30gigs.com
13130 Norcia Drive
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91739

Business, Advertising & Partnership:
[email protected]

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